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We help leaders of startups and larger tech companies innovate and grow.

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We grow high-tech companies.

We work with the CEOs to attract customers by understanding market needs and developing products and services that meet those needs better than anyone else.

Clients include over 40 tech companies including Calypso Technologies, Cisco Systems, Trusted Data (now Drobo), Emagia, Vendavo, Tidebreak, Technology Ventures Corporation, Planitax (now Thompon Reuters), and many Internet and software startups.

Too many times companies fail because they skip the step of understanding their customer, their most pressing challenges, and how they buy.

Once known, we enable your company to sell better. This includes developing a website, messaging guides, sales training, sales tools, webinars, demo scripts, social media campaigns, lead generation programs and alliances.

Together, these activities help you grow your technology company efficiently and sustainably.

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Steer clear of the gotchas.

Many of the traps in starting and growing a business are unknown to the leaders until it's too late. Mistakes like choosing poor market opportunities. Selecting the wrong technology. Missing a key tech trend. Trying to serve all market segments with the initial launch.

Are you focused on addressing the needs your customers value most? Executing on the highest priorities?

Clients tell just what they value is having us as their sounding board when making critical decisions -- whether it's me personally or other experts in our network. We can help you steer clear of the gotchas, while taking your company to new heights.

Become the hero in your story.

As much as we'd like to promise you the moon, no one can realistically know if they can help you succeed. But we know how to find out.

We talk. And I can guarantee it will be interesting and we'll both learn something.

If we both agree there's a fit, we do everything possible to help our clients succeed. Bullet-proof your plan. Size and validate your market. Launch your game-changing product. Close that big deal. Get funded. Deliver results. Get respect from your board, employees, family and spouse.

Those outcomes we've delivered for other clients. And we'd love to do it for you.

OK! Let's talk!

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Contact me to kick around your most pressing challenge. Explore how we might work together. This will be more fun than you think!

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