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This year, we're celebrating our 10th year in business and joint success with our clients. We've helped our clients develop technology solutions that help address their customers' most pressing business problems.

My ideal client is a founder, CEO or executive who wants to grow their business. They usually want to change the world positively by solving an important problem. They are usually experts in technology or their customer's business, but typically not in what it takes to grow a business. They may have limited exposure to some or all of creating sales and marketing operations, bringing new products to market, raising venture capital or managing alliances. Most importantly, they are constantly learning, are open to trying new ideas, and want to develop themselves and their teams.

My vision for Tennant Consulting is to be a premier consulting firm based on the Hollywood model. In Hollywood, people come together to work on a movie or TV show, work together for a few months, then when the project is over, they disband and go on to the next project.

I collaborate with a network of experts, in a variety of disciplines. That means my clients get the expertise they need, without hiring full-time employees or paying for a large consulting firm's Class A office space and marketing expenses.

I also founded the 4,000+ member PeopleSoft Alumni Network, a corporate alumni association of former PeopleSoft employees. My software and technology industry clients use the alumni network to augment recruiting efforts when they need more help. I worked at PeopleSoft in the high-growth days, 1994-2000, well before the 2005 Oracle acquisition.

As VP of Business Development at PeopleSoft, I grew the alliance portfolio from 100 to 300 companies and $500M to $4B in revenues, and built a team of eight product managers and product line that grew from $7M to over $100M in revenues in 3 years.

Before PeopleSoft, in 11 years at Andersen Consulting, I built large manufacturing systems, government financial accounting systems, utility billing systems, banking, mortgage and mutual fund systems at more than 15 clients, managing hundreds of programmers and business analysts. I led project teams of 50+ in completing multi-million dollar projects. Many technology clients tell me they appreciate my technical background, as relatively few marketing consultants they've worked with have had first hand experience with prototyping, coding and testing.

Since 2001, when I founded Tennant Consulting, I have focused on Internet, software and high-tech startups. In the most difficult venture environment in decades, I helped my clients obtain $8M in early stage venture funding, developing the investor pitches and visiting every software VC in Silicon Valley. I've worked with over 40 software and high-tech companies, helping to drive my clients' business strategy, marketing and alliances operations, avoiding common pitfalls and delivering top-line results.

I, too, am an entrepreneur. I experience first-hand the challenges of growing revenues, delivering to clients, innovating, and developing great relationships - balanced with being a husband, father, son, friend and community member. I have a deep appreciation of what it takes to build and run one's own business.

Today, my consulting focus is on providing services for software companies that need to:
  • Build an innovative product that customers want to buy.
  • Revitalize static revenue growth in a mature market.
  • Define a product road map to get venture funding.
  • Create alliance partnerships and improve management of key relationships.
  • Develop a product vision.
  • Develop a new market strategy.
My past roles and clients include:
  • VP of Marketing and Business Development, Planitax
      (Seed & Series A, Hosted Application Software)
  • VP of Business Development, Rolling Thunder
      (Seed Stage, Audit Enterprise Software)
  • VP of Business Development, Ninth House Network
      (Series B, Hosted Video & E-Learning Software)
  • VP of Business Development, PeopleSoft
  • VP of Product Research, Knowledge Management, PeopleSoft
  • Director of Financial Services Industry Strategy, PeopleSoft
  • Director of Product Strategy, PeopleSoft
  • Programmer, Analyst, & Senior Manager, Andersen Consulting (now Accenture)
My passion is working with a team to bring a new solution to market -- regardless of your company's stage of development.
Learn more about my services, client results, or what I'm up to on my blog.

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