Software, Internet & HighTech CEOs:
Are you taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime economic opportunity?

More market share will change hands in the next 12-18 months than in the last decade. Technology firms with disruptive value propositions continue to reshape how people live, work and play -- and help sustain the planet. Miss this moment, and you've missed the greatest chance in our lifetime to restructure your industry, increase your talent, and dominate your market.

Tennant Consulting helps you accelerate growth and gain market share. Since 2001, we have helped over 40 SaaS, Internet and tech companies grow faster by using one simple principle: Understand your customers' needs, and align your whole company to address them better than anyone else. This principle is exponentially more important today as the world's economy transitions from recession to recovery, and your customers' priorities continue to shift from survival to growth. These dramatic changes create tremendous opportunities for fast-moving firms.

Our services help you:

  • Align your offerings with the current markets' wants, needs and priorities.
  • Select promising new market opportunities.
  • Improve company-wide execution around a common strategy.
  • Dramatically improve new product success rates.
  • Lower sales and marketing costs through a customer-centric mindset.
  • Develop customer-centric positioning and sales messaging.
  • Fill your sales funnel through valuable content, websites and online marketing.
  • Execute marketing campaigns to fill the sales pipeline.
  • Make the most of blogs, Twitter, Facebook and social media.
  • Create world class partnerships and alliances.
  • Learn faster through competitive intelligence and win/loss analysis.
  • Transform customer outcomes by improving customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Attract top talent to your firm.
  • Accelerate growth through effective sales processes.
  • Build your investor pitch, business plan and raise venture capital.
  • Create a positive, customer-centric company culture.
In short, we help you grow your company. Faster.

I'm Steve Tennant, managing director of Tennant Consulting. Whether you're a 2-person startup, a $44B global company, or somewhere in between, we have worked with companies your size.

For early stage companies, I operate at a fraction of the cost of a full-time marketing executive. I typically work with 2-4 companies at a time, providing scalable, on-demand services to help you succeed. For emerging growth companies, I can work with your existing marketing team, be a sounding board or coach, and provide an interim solution during times of transition. While I'm a part-time resource, you get 100% of my ideas and network, with the flexibility to quickly scale up or down as needed.

Tennant Consulting offers:
  • Experience - World-class consulting, Internet, enterprise software, and start-up experience.
  • Value - My goal is to deliver 10x in benefits for what you pay for my services.
  • Objectivity - An honest voice and an objective perspective.
  • Speed - Rapid start-up and capacity on demand.
  • Focus - Dedicated resource for a specific mission. No distractions.
  • Flexibility - Appropriate support that fits your budget.
  • Connections - Access to my network of over 4,500 consultants, contractors, employees, service providers and experts in the software, Internet and venture capital industry.
  • Credibility - Proven ability to enhance my clients' credibility with customers, partners, investors and board members.
I invite you to learn more about my background, services, and clients. Subscribe to my newsletter, Tennant Consulting Times for original articles to grow your high-tech company faster.

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